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Introducing "Cypress" by Studio 198, a captivating wallpaper that brings the beauty of a lush garden into your interior. This enchanting design showcases a garden-like pattern featuring large fern trees, leaves, and a sprawling field, creating a serene and natural atmosphere.

The Cypress wallpaper by Studio 198 captures the essence of a tranquil garden oasis. The large fern trees gracefully spread across the walls, their intricate foliage adding depth and texture to the design. The abundance of leaves and the open field create a sense of expansiveness, evoking the feeling of being surrounded by nature's serenity.

The color palette of the Cypress wallpaper is carefully selected to reflect the vibrancy of a garden. Shades of green, ranging from soft pastels to rich emeralds, create a refreshing and soothing backdrop. The colors beautifully complement each other, enhancing the overall tranquility and harmony of the design.

Product Details

• Width: 150 cm
• Length: 330 m
• Content: Non-Woven Paper

Delivery & Return

• Return: This is a non-refundable item as its cut to order. Please check our terms and conditions.
• Delivery: United Kingdom – 12 – 16 working days.
• International delivery: 12 -20 working days.

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